Territory, Origins, Sustainability

The development of the mechanical industry, particularly the one connected to the stainless-steel within our beautiful rural and mountain area, is not fortuity. First of all, thanks to our people's diligence and respect of the environment, which let us live over time and which we preserved almost untouched until today, but also thanks to a simple and open lifestyle towards innovations.
It is no coincidence that one of our main goals is the territory preservation. C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. products are produced at "zero impact" on the environment, in accordance with the laws in force, and employing all the best technologies for health preservation and all our surroundings.
So, in the heart of the Dukedom of Montefeltro - where several art and engineering masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance were born - in the '60s, the first seed was planted for the creation of a mechanical industry school. Since then, we have been allowed to have specialised workers, technicians and entrepreneurs of the highest order, who are now at the very forefront in the global competition. C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. is a proud symbol of such competition.

C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. cooperates with many public and non-profit bodies situated within the area, and with which we have activated various programmes.

Community and philanthropy