C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. was born in 1999 from an idea of 4 friends, 3 of which are still company members. At the beginning, the enterprise started its work in a building in Urbania, but it soon moved to Piobbico, where the first company construction was built, and the equipment inside had been both increased and improved over time. The company has grown its dimensions and intensified its income up to become a leader company within its field.
C.R.A. Inox boasts of 20 years’ experience in stainless-steel processing, and, to be specific, in the medium-light and medium-heavy mechanical carpentry. The good results we have been obtaining over time are due to the high competition and our motivation for improving: all these factors let us constantly enrich our client’s portfolio, most of which are international.

Since 1999

20 years anniversary
Within an area with a strong manufacturing soul existing since the old '60s, C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. founded its roots 20 years ago. All that was possible because we believed:
  • in technologies celebration and deep respect of environment, since they are the basic things we are shaping our company on;
  • in the human being worth and the quality of work on which we are constantly focused on;
  • in the service we offer and the availability to all who trusted in our team: our clients, who we thank and who we hope to keep working with in the future.

These are our guarantees through which we can still be useful.

New investments

We are making some important investments aiming at fulfilling each objective by respecting all our basic values: by summer 2019 we will build 1,800 sqm in addition to the current building and the company layout will therefore be reconsidered. The new layout aims at:
  • optimising the use of the spaces and the material flow with particular focus on the area suitable the products finishing, as well as their final check also thanks to the specific equipped metric area;
  • reaching a better productive performance by employing two new machineries: the new laser/pipe Bystronic fibre and a new laser/sheet Bystronic fibre, which is provided with an Antil sheets stock.
Crainox Mechanical Processing
acciaio inossidabile crainox
carpenteria meccanica crainox

The development of the mechanical industry, particularly the one connected to the stainless-steel within our beautiful rural and mountain area, is not fortuity.

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