Community and philanthropy

The power of the winner

In the C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. philosophy, the model of a company that runs is the result of its competitive level on the market, the staff involvement and wellness, as well as its integrity and approach towards the socio-cultural background where the company is located.
C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. cooperates with many public and non-profit bodies situated within the area, and with which the company has activated various programmes, such as: assistance and development plans in poor areas of the world; support to sport, leisure, folk activities. Moreover, the company also is at the forefront regarding the collaboration between school and work, through technical and not technical schools, so that new generations may know and be introduced to the employment market in a safer way and with larger competences.
Yet, almost all workers and technicians come from this area, where the respect for the work is fundamental, and also who doesn’t come from here is absolutely involved with such principle, together with utmost integration and mutual respect. It is thanks to such positive and proactive environment that C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. has developed over years and has obtained a believable and solid business reputation.