Il nostro output produttivo è composto da relizzazioni esclusivamente in acciaio inox per i settori: food and pharma, oil and gas, enologico e trattamento acque.


Our work cycles are independent: cut, bend, mechanical production, welding, finishing, pickling, and passivation.

About us

C.R.A. Inox S.r.l. is a leading company in developing a wide range of high-quality products. Our staff is qualified to face different types of projects for different industry sectors that require the most advanced technologies within the stainless-steel processing.

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Our production is carried out by workers, who employ cutting-edge machineries such as: laser cut - laser pipe, benders, machine tools, TIG and MIG welding machines, and a wide department on surface treatment.


The whole production chain is managed and controlled both by the technical and the quality departments. The first deals with the industrialisation of each product, as well as providing the related documents; the quality department constantly controls each production phase and releases verification reports for each order, and conforms the products by employing the best control and measuring instruments.


Il 100% di ciò che realizziamo è suddiviso a seconda delle richieste dei commitenti, fra acciaio inossidabile austenitico, duplex e superduplex. Acquistiamo materiale prevalentemente di provenienza Europea e comunque esclusivamente di prima scelta.