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Social and Philanthropy


In the philosophy of C.R.A. INOX the example of a company that works is given by the degree of involvement and well-being of its staff, but also by the sensitivity and approach to the socio-cultural context in which the company is located.

C.R.A. INOX has collaborated and performed philanthropy activities towards many public institutions or non-profit situated in the territory. The social issue in particular has been given a great importance. Almost all of the workers and technicians come from  this land, part of the ancient Duchy of Montefeltro, where the value of the work takes on a sacred tone. . Even those who are not, have married with deep involvement this principle, in a spirit of mutual respect and integration. All this thanks to the company culture developed over the years by C.R.A. INOX , but also to the undoubted preparation offered by schools and universities present and to the fundamental importance given to the lifestyle of these places.

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