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C.R.A. INOX SRL was founded in 1999 with the idea of 3 friends, the current shareholders.
Initially, the activity starts in a rented building in the town of Urbania but a few years later, due to the increasing development, the partners decided to move the company in Piobbico, building a new plant that could host new machinery to refine and make the production more complete.

Year after year C.R.A. INOX srl has grown both in terms of size and structur that in terms of volume of business, being able to assert its competence within the industry in which it operates.
More precisely, the company operates in a niche safe from general market fluctuations and characterized by the demand for good technical skills, very flexible structure to adapt to the demands of customers and a good service that assists the customer from order to the delivery of the goods.
C.R.A. INOX srl boasts of over a decade of experience in the machining of stainless steels and more precisely in the medium-light structural mechanical.

The good results achieved over the years and the evolution undergone by the market drove the company to a costant improvement that has led to a continuousl enrichment of  the customer portfolio which, up to today in fact, can boast of the presence of very important companies in the international scenario in different sectors and in particular:

  • the pharmaceutical sector;

  • medical products sectors;

  • the wine industry;

  • the petrochemical industry;

  • fruit processing machinery sector;

  • food machinery industry;

  • water purification industry.

C.R.A. INOX works on customer's design but is in turn equipped with an efficient technical department, with engineers making use of 2D and 3D drawing programs to industrialize and \ or support the customer in the design, ensuring efficiency in the implementation phase of the manufactured in full compliance with the specific requirements of the full completion of the documents.
The production department is divided into a covered area of 6500 square meters and a workforce of 40 units, it has, in addition, the latest machinery for sheet metal processing such as laser cutting, bending control and grille, for cutting tools such as lathes CNC, CNC milling machine and radial welding such as copper bar for joining sheet metal and semi-automatic manipulator and finally for the finishing such as pickling tank submersible automatic.

The company pays great attention to the impact it has on the territory, also the quality of the production and the respect of the environmentare equally important imperatives in the philosophy of C.R.A. INOX srl, in fact the company has been regularly certified to ISO 9001 for years.

Another aspect which C.R.A. INOX srl gives a lot of importance to is the competence of human resources, as one of the strategic factors for quality finishes.
Over the years the company has invested a lot o the professionalism of the production staff, coming up with an experienced team, qualified with a lot of mini licenses for welding and with the ability to use both procedures TIG, MIG, both approved according to EN and ASME.
In light of the above C.R.A. INOX is a leader in its market niche, capable of producing high standard steel structures and is a really well-respected company in the industrial scenario of constructions in stainless steel made in Italy.

C.R.A. INOX srl today is further structured.
If before he could count on the best freelancers specialized in the treatment of surface finishing products, such as mechanical polishing, electrochemical polishing and microshotblasting, it is now able to carry out these processes in-house. On the basis of these characteristics it is able to provide a finished product.
This allows the company to directly manage the operations and therefore: direct controls, higher quality offered to the customer, less time to spend in logistics for the coordination of contractors and greater respect for delivery times.

The company is now in a position to optimize its entire production capacity coming after 12 years to be able to make the leap with a strong increase in sales.

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